How to fix the Brother Printers “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” Error Messages?

Brother is one of the multinational companies of Japan that has been providing various electronics as well as electrical equipments like printers, computers, fax machines and many more equipments to its users. Brother has launched its printers of various types like HL Monochrome printers, MFC monochrome printers, DPC color printers and many more, having number of advanced features like speedy printing, automatic document feeder and many more.

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Sometimes the users may face some common issues on their Brother Toner printers after the cartridge of the printers have been replaced by them. And one such common issue is that the “Toner Low” or “replace toner” warnings that keeps on popping up on the device. As a result of these warnings, the users are not able to print their pages using the Brother Printers. Today, I will tell the easiest way to resolve the “toner low” or “replace toner” warnings on various models of Brother Printers without calling the Brother Printer Support.

The “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” warning messages pop up to the device as sometimes the users need to give some commands to the Brother printer for telling that the toner cartridge has been replaced by the users.


By following the step wise procedures mentioned below, the users could easily resolve the “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” by resetting the toner life of the Brother Printers (the method depends upon the type and model of the Brother Printers):

  1. Steps for resolving the “Tonner Life End/ Replace Toner” issue on Brother HL Monochrome (black and white) printers:
    1. Before initializing the resolving method, open the front cover of the Brother HL Monochrome and keep it open while performing the steps detailed below:
    2. Firstly, turn off the printer.
    3. Now, turn on the printer by holding the “Start” button. Remember that all the lights should be turned on.
    4. Once the device gets started, release the “Start” button.
    5. Now, again press the “Start” button, twice.
    6. Wait for a while and check whether all the panel lights have been turned on or not.
    7. After this, press the “Start” button for five times.
    8. Now, remember that the paper light should be on or flashing and the toner light should be off (if the toner light has been turned on the, the error may be flashing).
    9. After this, close the front cover of the device and try to print the pages.
  2. Steps for resolving the “Tonner Life End/ Replace Toner” issue on Brother MFC Monochrome (black and white) printers:
    1. First and foremost, open the front cover of the Brother MFC monochrome printer.
    2. And then, press the Clear/ Back key.
    3. After this, press *00 and then, tap the OK button.
    4. Now, the drum replacement menu will appear to the users.
    5. In this drum replacement menu, the users need not to choose any option.
    6. Just follow the commands written below:
      1. Press * and then, press 00.
      2. At last, tap the OK button.
    7. Now, try to perform the process of printing the pages.
  3. Steps for resolving the “Tonner Life End/ Replace Toner” issue on Brother DCP, MFC, and HL color Monochrome printers:
    1. Firstly, open the toner access door by keeping the Brother Printer powered on.
    2. Now, the users need to launch the reset menu. To do so, press the “Clear/ Back” button.
    3. And then, scroll down the reset menu to the reset options for toner cartridges of the printers.
    4. Here, the users will get reset options for the entire four colors that includes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black colors.
    5. After this, choose the size and color of the toner cartridge, properly (as per the choice of the users) for resetting the toner cartridge settings of the Brother printer.
    6. After this, tap the OK button.

(Important Note: For resetting the cartridge, press the ‘1’ button. Each cartridge will be reset, individually.)

  1. Once all the cartridge get reset by the users, tap the “Clear/ Back” button for going out of the rest menu.
  2. At last, close the toner access door.

If the “Tone Life End” or “Replace Toner” still persists on the Brother printer then, the users may call the Brother Printer Support Number, to get an instant help.

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