How to fix Brother Printer scanning error “CC031 or MTW012” on Mac OS X?

Brother printer is recognized as one of the top printers in the world that have received very positive reviews from the users, all over the globe. Usually, its services are impressive but sometimes it causes an error as no product comes with zero errors.

Sometimes you Brother PrinterSometimes you may face scanning errors in your Mac OS X for various reasons. One such common error may arise is when Brother printer stops scanning because of the loss of the network connection between your Mac and Brother printer. This sort of error may occur due to the wrong settings or the wrong configuration of the scanner driver. The solution to such errors are given below-

Please note- For any issues related to scanning disable any firewall program that is running already. Once you’re done with the scanning, enable the firewall again.

The customers can contact Brother Support Number at any time if they fetch any issues regarding Brother printer scanning issues. But before that check out the steps mentioned a solution to your issues.

  • Verify the internet connection to the router or the access point-

You need to verify whether there is a secure connection between the Brother printer and the router or access point. If required reset the cable on both the router and the Brother printer.

You can also refer to the manual of the router or access point to check whether there is connectivity between the Brother printer and the router. If still there is no connectivity then use another cable or a different port on the router.

  • Verify the Brother Printer is powered on and there are no errors-
  • If the Brother printer display is blank (LCD), then the printer isn’t powered on. Check whether it is plugged into any working outlet and power switches are turned ON position.
  • Verify the LCD screen for any other error messages. For example- Paper Jam or Ink/Toner Empty. If the LCD screen shows an error, go through the troubleshooting steps to get rid of the issues indicated.
  • Choose Brother Printer in device selector-

If you wish to scan from the printer on a network, you should go with selecting the networked machine in the device selector.

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