How to fix “Connection issues” of the Brother Printers?

Brother Printer is counted as one of the top most brands in Printers, known for the reliability, implicit support services, and cost efficiency.

Like any product Brother Printers may also stop functioning due to the occurrence of any error such as while using Windows XP, they must be trying to use the Scan key from the Control Panel. And the LCD displays the message “Connecting to PC”. But nothing as such happens and it stops functioning.

Brother Printer Connection Issue

For any queries or issues like connecting Brother Printer with the Windows XP, fee4l free to contact Brother Support number to get technical support from the experts.

Check out the steps to get instant solution to your issues-

  • Modify the Terminal Service setting-

The user needs to change a setting in the Terminal Services of their PC. If the Terminal Services of the PC is disabled then the possibility is they may experience this situation.  Check out the steps to access the Terminal Services of PC-

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ button on the taskbar.
  2. Look for the ‘Control Panel’ and click on it.
  3. For Windows XP with the classic view
  • You need to double-click on the ‘Administration Tools’

     For Windows XP with the category view

  • Click on the option ‘Performance and Maintenance’, followed by ‘Administrative tools’.
  1. Double click on the option ‘Services’.
  2. In the column titled ‘Name’, locate ‘Terminal Services’.
  3. Right click on the option ‘Terminal Services’, followed by ‘Properties’
  4. Locate ‘Startup Type’, on the ‘General’ tab.
  5. Select the option ‘drop-down arrow’.
  6. Select the option ‘Automatic or Manual’
  7. Click on the option ‘Ok’
  8. Close the window.

If the issue still continues then move to the next steps as mentioned below. Please note- There are three types of instructions are given for each connection type (Network /USB/Parallel).

  • For the Network Users-

The user needs to change the settings of the scanner driver and the Windows Firewall.

  • Change the scanner driver settings:
  1. Select the ‘Start’ option from the taskbar.
  2. Look for the ‘Control Panel’ and Click on it.
  3. For Windows XP-
  • Classic View- Double- click on the option ‘Scanners and Cameras’
  • Category View- Click on the option ‘Printers and Other Hardware’ followed by ‘Scanners and Cameras’.
  1. You need to right click on the scanner icon and select the option ‘Properties’
  2. Select the option ‘Network Settings’ tab and check whether the IP address is correct.
  3. Select the option ‘Specify your machine by address’
  4. Click on the option ‘Scan button’ tab and make sure that “Register your PC with the ‘Scan to’ functions at the machine” is selected.

  • Change the Firewall settings:

Look for the steps and follow it.

  • For USB Users:
  1. The user can try their hand in, reinstalling the driver with Brother Printer by directly connecting it to the PC.
  2. The user must use a HUB that has been an independent power source. This will allow the connection to depend less on the power that comes from the PC.
  3. They need to change the port.

Please note- All ports don’t carry the same power and changing the connections may resolve the issue.

  1. All USB cables aren’t same.

Please note-Some of the USB cables wouldn’t work when the user connects it to the Printer/ MFC via, a USB hub or PC. It is recommended that the cables they are using must support the following specializations-

  1. Shielded
  2. Twisted pair cable.
  3. It shouldn’t be longer than 6ft (or 2 meters)


  • For Parallel Users:
  1. It is recommended that the cable is no longer than 6ft long (2 m)
  2. The user can try to reinstall the driver with the Brother Printer by directly connecting it to the PC.
  3. They can also use another parallel cable.

Please note- It is recommended not to go for using a USB to Parallel Converter.


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