What do the LEDs of the Brother Printers indicates?

Brother Printers, one of the top-rated electronics products, designed by the Brother Industries have been listed among the top brands of the printer devices. Despite there are numerous of electrical and electronics products, the entire models of the Brother Printers have made it possible for this Japan-based company to catapult its name for attaining the worldwide fame.

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Apart from advanced in-built features like high quality output and many more, the look or the design of the Brother printer also attracts the users. When we look the machine design, there are some lights placed in front of the Brother Printer. In technical terms, these lights placed in front of the Brother Printer are known as the LEDs i.e. light emitting diodes.

When these lights are turned on, these indicate particular situations of the Brother Printer devices. Thus, to provide an ease to the users of Brother Printer devices, some LED indications have been detailed in the below information. So that the users could get an idea what the turned on LEDs indicates on the device, without contacting the Brother Printer Support.

All the fours LEDs of the Brother Printer device include the following: “Ready’, ‘Toner’, ‘Drum’, and ‘Error’ denoted by the colors: ‘Green’, ‘Yellow’, and ‘Orange’, respectively. Some of the LED indications are as follows:

Case 1: When the entire LEDs placed on the Brother Printer device are off then, there is no power supply to the device.

Case 2: When only one LED has been flashed on the device i.e. ‘Ready’. And all other LEDs are off then, this indicates the following situations:

  1. Warming Up: The Brother Printer Device is getting warmed up.
  2. Cooling Down: The Device needs to be cooled from inside. To do so, wait till the device gets cooled down.
  3. Receiving Data: Some data is either getting retrieved from the computer or processed in the memory of the Brother Printer device.
  4. Data Remaining: There exists some unprinted data on the Brother Printer device memory. Thus, hold the “GO” button on the device for executing the printing process over the unprinted data existing in the device memory.

Case 3: Out of four LEDs on the device, only the two i.e. ‘Ready’ and ‘Toner’ LEDs are flashing on the device. But the ‘Toner” LED is getting flashed on for 2 seconds and off for 3 seconds. The rest two LEDs i.e. ‘Drum’ & ‘Error’ are not flashing. This LED situation indicates the following conditions:

  1. Replace Toner: The Toner cartridge of the Brother Printer device needs to be replaced.

Case 4: All the LEDs except the ‘Toner’ LED are off i.e. ‘Drum’, ‘Error’, and ‘Ready’ LEDs are off but ‘Toner’ is flashing on the device. The LED indication resembles the following conditions:

  1. Toner Replacement: Some error has occurred due to the toner cartridge of the Brother Printer device. Thus, the toner needs to be replaced as soon as possible for continuing the functions of the device. For any help regarding the steps to replace the toner in “STOP MODE”, call the Brother  Support number.
  2. Cartridge Errors: The Drum unit of the Brother Printer has been installed incorrectly on the device. So, to install it with correct installation method, call the Brother Printer Support number.
  3. No Toner: The toner cartridge equipment of the Brother Printer is absent. Thus, install the toner by opening the front cover of the device.

Case 5: The combination of two LEDs is flashing on the device i.e. Toner along with Ready LEDs and rest are off. This LED indication refers to the following condition:

  1. Replace Toner in continue mode: The Brother Printer device continues with the printing function until the toner gets ended.

Case 6: One of the most important LED indications is when all the LEDs are flashing on the Brother Printer device. This LED indication resembles the “SERVICE CALL” i.e. the users need to stop the power supply to it by turning off the power switch.

Keep the device turned off for a while and then, turn it on again and try to execute the printing function on it, successfully.

If the users become unsuccessful to execute the printing process on the device then, press the “GO” button. Thus, record the error that has occurred on the device from the below mentioned list and then, call the Brother Printer Support for resolving the error faced on the device:

Brother Printer LEDs being turned off on the device Brother Printer LEDs being turned On to the device LED Indications resembles the situation
Toner, Drum, and Ready Error (RED) Main PCB failure
Drum, Error, and Ready Toner (YELLOW) Fuser Unit Failure
Toner, Ready, and Error Drum (YELLOW) Laser Unit failure
Drum & Ready Toner (YELLOW) & Error (RED) Main Motor failure
Ready & Error Toner (YELLOW) & Drum (YELLOW) High Voltage failure
Toner & Ready Drum (YELLOW) & Error (RED) FAN failure
Ready Toner (YELLOW), Drum (YELLOW), and Error (RED) Zero Cross Error

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