How can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable?

Did you recently tried your hands on setting up Brother Printer wifi without the help of a USB cable with your system and failed miserably? Read this article to learn about the correct steps for the same.

brother printer wifi

Before proceeding with the correct steps first confirm whether you have already set up the router and the system. If you haven’t set the network then do it as the first priority. You should know about your wireless network settings of the WLAN access pointer or router. Check the network name and note down them.

For any questions or concerns on Brother Printer wifi or any of its models then call Brother Support Number team to get assistance.

Here, are the steps to configure the wireless settings for your Brother Printer wifi-

  1. You need to place the Brother machine close to the network access point or router.

Tips– Make sure there is no obstruction like walls or pillars between the router and the machine.  And the screens may get differ depending on the operating system and the Brother Printer models been used.

  1. Check whether your Brother machine is turned on.
  2. Make sure your system is switched on.
  3. Log on with the ‘Administrative rights’.
  4. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
  5. Choose the device-

For Windows

  • The installation screen will appear automatically on the screen. If asked, choose the model and language.
  • Select the ‘Install Brother Printer Driver’.
  • Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, when the ‘User Account Control’ screen appears.
  • Select ‘Yes’ option to agree to the License Agreement, when the ‘License Agreement’ window appears.
  • Choose ‘Wireless Network Connection’ without checking the ‘Custom Install’.
  • Click the ‘Next’ option.
  • When the ‘Firewall or Antivirus detected’ screen appears, choose ‘Change the firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation’ (Recommended)
  • Click the ‘Next’ option and continue with the Step 7.
  1. Choose ‘No, I don’t have a USB Cable’ when the wireless device set up screen appears.
  2. Click the ‘Next’ option.
  3. Confirm the message on the screen and check the ‘Checked and confirmed’ box.
  4. Your network name will get displayed, choose ‘Yes’ option.
  5.  You need to enable wireless networking on the device using the Control panel.

Follow the steps on the screen-

  • Press the ‘Wi-Fi’ button on your Brother Printer not more than 2 seconds until and unless the light begins to blink.
  • The ‘Wi-Fi’ button will light up when it gets connected.
  1. Choose ‘Connection: Ok’ after getting up to your Windows Computer.
  2. Select the ‘Brother Printer’ you want to install.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions on the screen to install the Brother Printer driver for the network connection.
  4. Install the Brother Printer drivers for the network connection for printing through the USB cable.
  5. The Brother Printer drivers and the software installation commence.
  6. Wait for it to get done with the installation.

Note- If you’re still facing issues while going through the above steps then call Brother Printer Support to get help from the experts.

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