How to troubleshoot the Brother Printer Error Code 5A?

Brother, a Japan-based company that offers the electronic as well as electrical equipment has attained an impressive reputation within the market of equipment. Some of the popular products designed by the Brother Industries are printers, fax machines, sewing machines, multi-functional printers, and many more.

Brother Printer Error

All the printer devices offered by Brother Industries has also attained a great popularity among its users because of the advanced quality printouts offered by the device. Apart from the quality outputs, the Brother Printer has various other advanced features like speedy printouts, multi-functional device, user-friendly, affordable price, and many more.


Sometimes the users of Brother Printers may face some common error codes while utilizing the printer device for printing the documents. And one such run-time error code is Brother Printer Error Code 5A. Thus, the simplest procedure for resolving the Brother Printer Error Code 5A, without contacting the Brother Printer Support has been detailed in the below information.


The Brother Printer Error Code 5A is mostly caused due to the paper jam or sensor problems on the printer device. Apart from this, the printer drum being physically damaged also adds up to the cause of the Brother Printer Error Code 5A. As the Brother Printer Error Code 5A occurs on the device, an error message box is displayed on the device, showing the error message as written below:



Even the function actively running on the printer device gets halt.


Instead of, calling the Brother Printer support, the users may manually resolve the Brother Printer Error Code 5A, by following the below mentioned stepwise procedure:

  1. First and foremost, turn-off the Brother Printer device (remove its plug from the switch board).
  2. Now, access the drum and toners of the printer device by opening the front cover of the Brother Printers.
  3. And the, hold the handle labeled as “1” i.e. Green Handle and pull it towards “Up” direction.
  4. After this, pull out the drum unit from the Brother Printer device.
  5. Now, hold the toners cartridges using the handles and remove it.
  6. After this, the users need to locate the handle/lever marked as 2 i.e. Grey Lever.
  7. Once the grey lever gets located, lift it up.
  8. Now, keeping holding the handles marked as “1” as well as “3” to lift the front flap of the printer device drum.
  9. And then, remove the drum component by tilting the printer device.
  10. Check whether the printer drum is damaged or not. If the drum founds to be damaged then, replace the drum with a new one.
  11. For installing a new drum component to the device, reverse the aforementioned steps in reverse manner.
  12. Once the drum component gets successfully installed to the Brother printer, start the Brother Printer and wait it gets “Ready” status on the display.
  13. Now, try to print the documents.

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